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Littering and Illegal Dumping Reporting Form

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) can issue an infringement notice to the registered owner of a vehicle/vessel based on your report. Please only submit your report if you are willing to testify in court. Typically only a small number of cases proceed to court.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory to submit this report. When you have finished, please ensure you have completed all the mandatory fields, scroll down and click the submit button. When you submit successfully you will be taken to a new page with a record number, which you should keep for your future reference.

Witness affirmation
Did you observe the incident personally?*    
Do you know the person that deposited the waste?*    
Are you (the Witness) prepared to give witness testimony at court?*    
What did you see?*   or  
On what date did you see the incident occur?*
NOTE: If your report is made more than 14 days after the littering or dumping incident, this may limit the capacity to issue a fine.
Time of incident*          
Name of any other Witness (if applicable)
Incident details
Where did you see the incident occur?*
Location description (street/road, nearest corner, cross street or landmark eg. bridge, carpark, building name, GPS/SatNav coordinates, northbound, southbound etc.)
e.g. George Street approx. 200 metres away from the Turbot Street Intersection, Brisbane.
The more details you can provide helps us to issue a more effective infringement notice.

Nearest locality/suburb/town*
Map Reference*

Click on the map to specify the location of the incident or use the search box to search for a location (include suburb).

Rubbish type
For multiple items, please select ‘Other’ and list items witnessed

What did you see the person discard? * (less than 200 litres in volume, a wheelie bin is about 200 litres)

Materials Deposited

Please indicate how you saw the item(s) being deposited: *

Approximate volume* (littering is considered to be 200 litres in volume or less, a wheelie bin is about 200 litres in volume):

What were the person's registration details?
Registration (e.g. 123ABC) *
Registration state*
Vehicle make* Vehicle shape*
Model (if known) Colour
Other distinguishing features
What other details of the person can you provide?
Location in vehicle*
Description of the person (if seen)
Your details
Given name
Middle name
Date of birth*
Home address*
A street number, lot or unit address is required. A post office box is not acceptable.
Street number Street name
Suburb / town
Postal address
A post office box is acceptable.
Same as home address
Street number / PO box Street name
Suburb / town
Your contact details*
You must provide at least one phone number by which you can be contacted, please include the area code.
Home Work Mobile
Upload Photos

  • You may upload up to 3 photos in support of your report
  • We can only accept jpg, png or gif files up to 4MB each, and 9MB in total e.g. 3 photos 3MB in size
  • We record your IP address in case of inappropriate content
  • Videos may be emailed to
Submit your incident report

I would like a confirmation of my report emailed to my address

I would like to receive further information or notifications from DES

I declare that the information contained in this report is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I am willing to testify in court if required. PLEASE NOTE: it is an indictable offence to intentionally or negligently provide false or misleading information, penalties may apply.

To view our privacy and security statement please see DES Privacy and security statement DES privacy and security statement (opens in new window)